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Laser Surgery for Hemorrhoids

Laser Surgery for Hemorrhoids

Laser Surgery for Hemorrhoids

Many individuals over the age of 50 often get hemorrhoids, but others can have them earlier if their diet, daily habits, and lifestyle put them at risk for developing hemorrhoids. If you are suffering from hemorrhoids, no need to worry. There are several treatments and procedures available for the reduction or elimination of hemorrhoids. One of the newest and most effective treatments out there is laser surgery. This article will discuss all aspects of laser surgery including preparation, process, post-surgery treatment, costs, and prevention.

What is Laser Surgery for Hemorrhoids?

Laser surgery for hemorrhoids involve using a tiny laser beam that vaporizes and excises hemorrhoids. This laser is so small that it gives the procedure an unparalleled accuracy and precision. In this case, the surgeon is able to go through the procedure with more control and much less bleeding from the patient. When surgery is complete superficial nerve endings are sealed and the patient often goes home without having to stay in the hospital. Studies have shown that laser treatment for hemorrhoids have given a 98 percent success rate in patients and almost 100 percent of patients who have undergone the surgery were satisfied with the results.

Do You Need Laser Surgery for Hemorrhoids?

Laser surgery really depends on what your doctor will decide for you. Usually your doctor will give you some tests and examine the severity of your hemorrhoids. He or she may check on the symptoms of the hemorrhoids, placement of hemorrhoids, and how long the hemorrhoids have been there. Doctor and patient will often discuss all other types of treatments before jumping into laser surgery. Some hemorrhoids do not actually need surgical treatments and can be cured by ointments or supplements.

What Risks are Involved in Laser Surgery for Hemorrhoids?

As with most surgeries, there are risks attached to laser surgery. Typical risks include bleeding, infection, and a negative reaction to anesthesia. However, laser surgery causes much less bleeding and infection because of its accuracy and precision. As a matter fact, laser surgery is considered to promote faster healing in patients.

What Happens After Laser Surgery for Hermorrhoids?

You may experience some pain when urinating or during bowel movement. This is a normal experience after surgery, as your body is still in the healing process. The discomfort will usually go away in a few days.

How Much Does Laser Surgery for Hemorrhoids Cost?

Laser surgery often costs much less compared to other surgical treatments because it is done in the office, not in the hospital. Most insurance companies cover laser hemorrhoidectomy.

Will I be Free of Hemorrhoids After Laser Surgery?

Yes and no. Laser surgery is extremely effective in removing hemorrhoids and eliminating symptoms. You may not experience symptoms of hemorrhoids for the next couple of years. However, hemorrhoids do recur, and it is not uncommon that they do. To live life without ever having hemorrhoids again, you’ll need to make changes in your lifestyle, like eating healthier with more fiber in your diet and doing various physical activities.

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